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The Competitive Edge

Winning the Formula 1® Constructors' Championship is not an easy feat. Attaining top speed and performance on race-day Sunday are pivotal to the win, so continuously seeking improvements from Monday to Saturday – no matter how small – can make the difference between wane and gain.

Improving performance is the foundation of the partnership between Lotus F1 Team and Avanade, a process we call the "Journey to Sunday." Driven by cutting-edge technology, the race for optimum performance is on.

This three-year collaboration, which began in May 2012, has already seen Avanade accelerate Lotus F1 Team's success. Utilizing the Microsoft platform, the time it takes to develop and deliver components to the racetrack has been cut dramatically, and the team's communications are now more agile than ever. Avanade is using analysis to optimize performance and reduce lead times – giving the Lotus F1 Team the competitive edge for pole position.

The Journey to Sunday

Avanade and Lotus F1 Team Applications
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The Journey to Sunday: Lotus F1 Team and Avanade
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Driving success forward

The race for victory behind the scenes

"The goal of the next few years is to reduce the amount of software we are using. The more standardized systems you create, the fewer costs you are going to generate," said Lotus F1 Team CEO Patrick Louis.

Luca Mazzocco, senior account manager, Lotus F1 Team: "If you came to our HQ in Enstone, Oxfordshire, you would be able to see what Avanade does in the demanding context of our operations. You would see a race that nobody sees: the race behind the scenes, and we need to win that race if we want our drivers to have a chance on Sunday."

Much of what is learned on the track can also help Avanade customers in other industries gain a competitive advantage. The race for results is on, and we'll keep you informed of new developments as they happen.

How Avanade can accelerate your business

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