Business Situation
​​Nutreco had grown significantly over the last few years through a large number of acquisitions. These acquisitions meant that a multitude of different email platforms were in use across the company. Much of the organisation worked with Lotus Notes® 5, while other platforms such as Lotus Notes 7, Microsoft® Exchange, Yahoo® and Gmail® were also used. The diversity in these email platforms made it difficult for employees across the world to collaborate with each other. It was decided that all organisations working under the Nutreco flag should be equipped with the same email platform and, following an internal evaluation, the Microsoft platform was selected.
Customer Solution
​​Nutreco required a platform that was simple to keep up to date and that met the requirements of the organisation. The Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), the Microsoft cloud solution, was decided as the most suitable. Migration of the email platform was not the only change required; Nutreco also wanted to make use of additional functionality to enable employees to work together more effectively. Other Microsoft solutions needed to be implemented to serve this purpose, including Office Communicator (OCS) and LiveMeeting. Nutreco employees can use these solutions to collaborate more effectively and share knowledge more easily. This will improve online awareness, which, in turn, will result in higher productivity and faster responses from all employees.  
​​The migration project was completed in seven months. Nutreco is very satisfied with the new email platform and the other Microsoft functionality. Employees now have the flexibility to work anywhere, can access colleagues’ diaries and set up video chats, which all serve to reduce operational costs and improve productivity.

The internal project group, consisting of seven people, worked very well together with the Avanade project group. The four project staff from Avanade had experience with similar large-scale migration projects, and this helped us to avoid many mistakes. The flexibility of both teams ensured that the migration created as little disturbance as possible for the end users.

end_quotation Frank Lukassen Corporate Information Manager, Nutreco
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