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Big data has become pervasive. Organizations are empowering employees to make well-informed decisions — and it’s making an impact on their business. 

Is big data producing big returns? 

Is big data delivering? 

2012 global survey: "Is Big Data Producing Big Returns?"

In June 2012, Avanade released the results of our second big data survey. Our latest study of 550+ business and IT leaders in 18 countries quantified their attitudes toward the big data trend, including data acquisition, access and analysis. The survey, “Is Big Data Producing Big Returns?”, reveals significant strides in executive optimism, IT adoption and the business value that big data is creating.  

Cloud services and mobility spur big data

Emerging tools for predictive analytics, cloud-based storage and mobile data access and management are expanding the opportunities for driving significant value from big data.

“In the next 12 months, 75 percent of companies surveyed will invest in tools to improve their ability to analyze data.”

Avanade big data services Preparing for even bigger data

As companies shape their plans for big data, Avanade recommends an approach that reaches throughout the organization—just as big data does. 

Business strategy

  • What strategies should you consider in response to the influx of increasing data?
  • What opportunities are there for your company to sell and monetize data?

People and processes

  • How do you ensure the right information is in the hands of the appropriate people?
  • What skills will you need to seek out as data use becomes more pervasive?
  • What business processes might you need to reshape to take greater advantage of data and in what areas—sales, marketing, operations, product development? 

IT planning

  • Which technology investments for managing big data will best benefit your unique business needs?
  • How might greater mobility and cloud computing influence your data management strategy?​
Business Intelligence
Avanade Business Intelligence solutions help you uncover and act on targeted insights deep within your collected data and share them across the company. We can help you develop the information architecture to do so with optimized data warehouses, integrated reporting, analytics and information-sharing tools that integrate with the Microsoft Office productivity applications your people already know and use every day.
​​Digital Marketing
Avanade Digital Marketing services help you transform your business to take full advantage of emerging trends in digital marketing. Our multi-channel approach gives you modern tools to create engaging digital experiences that attract audiences, convert customers and create passionate brand advocates.
​​Mobile Solutions
Avanade Mobility products and services offer complete mobile capabilities across a world of devices that help you support mobile employees, reach mobile customers and empower field workers. We help you quickly and cost effectively launch and scale mobile solutions to work smarter and more profitably.

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begin quotation   88% of companies with dedicated data analysts have turned data into revenue.  end quotation




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