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The dynamic and personalized aspects of consumer technologies have entered the enterprise and corporate IT has an opportunity to embrace this trend to drive business agility.
9 out of 10 companies report use of consumer technologies in the workplace
2012 Global Research
In January 2012, Avanade released the results of a survey of 600+ business and IT leaders in 17 countries that challenges common myths about factors driving the Consumerization of IT. The study, Dispelling 6 Myths of Consumerization of IT, indicates a fast-moving shift in the use of consumer technologies in the workplace and a surprising level of investment in this trend by IT.
​Mobile apps, social services and tablets are storming the IT firewall
​The user-driven workplace is spreading quickly and across business organizations of all types. Many analyst firms have predicted sales of smartphones to skyrocket, some suggesting well over 400 million in sales in 2011. Depending on the analyst firm prediction, estimates of sales of tablet computers could reach as high as 70 million next year.

Consumerization is motivating corporate IT to alter many of their policies and selectively loosen controls of sourcing and management over devices and applications. This disruptive shift is forcing enterprise IT to rethink how they will deliver services to employees, integrate with existing systems and ensure security and compliance.
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​Press Releases
​​Global Consumerization of IT Research
​​Avanade Announces Strategic Relationship with Microsoft for Mobile Enterprise Solutions
Consumerization of IT:
Boosting Innovation
​For organizations that embrace and capitalize on the wave of innovation being unleashed by this consumer-powered IT, the results include improved organization flexibility, a more engaged and productive workforce and the ability to stay ahead of competitors.
begin quotation   Cloud based services, consumer-like applications and mobile devices are fast becoming the technologies of choice.  end quotation
​For CIOs and IT Directors, it’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘how’ they will embrace these new assumptions.
Mobile Computing
Avanade Mobile Computing delivers robust, enterprise mobile solutions for a variety of scenarios, across multiple industries and based on various platforms. We help you quickly and cost effectively launch and scale mobile solutions to work smarter and more profitable
​Digital Marketing
Avanade Digital Marketing Services help you transform your infrastructure so you can take full advantage of emerging trends in digital marketing. Our multi-channel approach gives you modern tools to create engaging digital experiences that attract audiences, convert customers and create passionate brand advocates.
​Desktop Transformation
Avanade Desktop Transformation enables organizations to transition from “desktop as a device” to “desktop as an experience” where business services can be flexibly and securely consumed across an array of platforms and form factors, anytime, from anywhere.
​Cloud Services
Avanade Cloud Services combines industry insight, best practices, delivery methods and expertise on the Microsoft platform to deliver cloud computing services that help you create profitable new revenue streams and find unique ways to connect with customers.

Social Collaboration
Avanade Social Collaboration solutions leveraging SharePoint 2013 are the answer and deliver a powerful new force for business. Helping businesses transform the way employees work to deliver better business results and leverage today’s dispersed, mobile work styles to get more work done, smarter and faster.

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