​​Businesses see the benefits of social collaboration technologies and are looking to use them more, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Social media for business is sweeping the enterprise. Large organizations are using social collaboration tools to connect employees and help them work together more creatively. However, a recent survey conducted by Avanade of 1,000 business and IT decision makers and 4,000 employees revealed the majority of large companies are leveraging consumer-driven social networking technologies like Facebook and Twitter instead of enterprise-class social collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint or Yammer. Interestingly, data from the survey shows decision-makers plan to reverse this trend and adopt true enterprise social networking software and social collaboration technologies in the next 12 months. 

The Opportunity

Social collaboration brings clear benefits, and Avanade’s recent survey shows enterprise social collaboration tools are reaching a tipping point in adoption. To be successful, businesses need enterprise collaboration capabilities such as security and data privacy, online document storage, sharing and editing, deep search inside an enterprise and integration with enterprise communications systems. Many organizations are adopting or plan to adopt tools that can provide these capabilities. In the next year, businesses plan to shift from consumer-facing tools to enterprise-ready technologies.



Research results showed a large, as-yet-unmet opportunity to fully adopt and leverage social technologies for collaboration at work.

end_quotation André Huizing Global Collaboration Lead, Avanade





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