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Cloud Application Management

Businesses are increasingly looking to move or build applications on public cloud platforms to improve agility and responsiveness to market demands — but this shift to the public cloud brings new complexities. Applications become more composite - leveraging not only capabilities like storage and database offered by the cloud providers, but also third-party SaaS capabilities like email and messaging. So understanding availability of an application requires inspecting the infrastructure, the services it consumes and the health of the application. The composite nature of cloud applications requires visibility into all the services to determine overall health and uptime.

Avanade believes that a public cloud platform should not equal less visibility. Our private cloud application management solutions make it possible to gain deeper insight into the application, as well as implement enterprise policies like governance/auditing and environment management. These cloud-based monitoring and management services can collect a multitude of events, analyze them and identify critical information that requires additional remedial actions like adjusting capacity or provisioning new services. Additionally, tools and processes currently used for managing other environments can continue to be used, enabling efficient operations.
Avanade Cloud Diagram
Avanade’s Cloud Application Management solutions can help you:

  • Gain an integrated view into your public cloud solution, including not just the application itself but also the underlying infrastructure, platform level services, as well as higher and third party SaaS capabilities
  • Use our cloud-based monitoring and management services to proactively gather input from multiple sources and generate insights
  • Extend and integrate enterprise policies and processes to your public cloud solutions to ensure maximum control and efficiency   


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