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begin quotation   More than 20 percent of enterprises surveyed changed 4 or more business processes to redesign work with consumer-driven technology.  end quotation


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With Work Redesigned, enterprises can get work done in new ways, with processes that enable more agility, faster responses to market changes and greater customer satisfaction.

The way work gets done is changing. How enterprises react to those changes will have a great effect on their success. Information Technology has become more consumerized, with technology from the consumer space entering the workplace. The growing popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has had a significant effect on enterprises. In addition, the rise of virtual offices – with employees who have no fixed hours or fixed locations – as well as greater collaboration and globalization, have all contributed to a transformed workplace. In this environment, change management and business process management are more critical than ever. Avanade has the people and solutions to help you turn this new reality of work into an opportunity.  

Forces driving change
Ubiquitous Internet access, consumer behavior, data consumption and more, are doing more than just facilitating remote access to data and applications. They’re also presenting enterprises with an opportunity to redefine and transform how work gets done.

The forces behind the change fall into four general categories:

  • Mobility
  • Cloud Services
  • Information
  • Collaboration

As this evolution occurs, the most successful organizations will redesign the processes they use to conduct business every day so that they transcend location, roles, time zones and business boundaries – opening the door for more collaborative business.  

How companies are preparing for Work Redesigned
Avanade has surveyed 599 C-level executives and IT decision-makers in 19 countries. Research shows that in the last year, companies implemented new business processes to capitalize on investments in mobile devices and consumer technologies. More than 70 percent of enterprises surveyed changed at least one business process to redesign work with consumer-driven technology. Perhaps more intriguing, 20 percent of companies changed four or more business processes to capitalize on new work models.

Most importantly, findings show that companies fully supporting the use of new, consumer-focused technologies to enable new work approaches are 54% more likely to report increased sales and profits. These progressive companies are able to respond to customers more quickly, produce better work, solve problems, and beat business deadlines. In short, Work Redesigned works.

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