The Avanade Code of Business Ethics describes and reinforces conduct that is based on our guiding core values, consistent with our policies and practices, and essential to Avanade’s legal and regulatory compliance obligations. On the Avanade Policies website, the Code provides references to underlying Avanade policies, which offer detailed, up-to-date ethical, legal and policy guidance. The Code does not reference all Avanade policies, but highlights and reinforces key areas of ethical and legal conduct, which are central to our business activities and essential to us as representatives of Avanade.

The Code of Business Ethics applies to all Avanade officers and employees. It also applies, as appropriate, to members of our Board of Directors, and to others, including individuals such as temporary support staff, third party contractors, and other service providers, when they act on behalf of Avanade.

Avanade Code of Business Ethics

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