Migrating bespoke business-critical freight application from VB6 to .NET

Business Situation

DFDS, a Danish shipping company with 50 vessels and DKK 6.5 billion in revenue, depends on Phoenix, a bespoke Visual Basic 6.0 application to run its freight business. However, with VB6 no longer supported by Microsoft, this was substantially limiting DFD’S’s ability to add new functionality.  A new application was required.



Avanade migrated Phoenix from VB6 to .NET - all 550,000 lines of code – using an automated tool from ArtinSoft and a team of 15 people in the Application Renewal Centre of Excellence in Delhi, India. With the offshore team delivering 94% of the migration work and project management being delivered locally, Avanade combined the best of both worlds: lower costs and high levels of local contact.



Avanade delivered the .NET version of Phoenix on time and on budget.  As Avanade were able to offer DFDS a risk-free fixed-price budget for the project, DFDS ran fewer risks with this approach.  It was also much faster and cheaper than writing a new application from scratch.  Using Avanade’s tried-and-tested team, DFDS were free to concentrate on the immediate needs of the business.  The resulting code does not use any proprietary libraries or code and is back under Microsoft’s support umbrella, leaving DFDS in charge of their own destiny again.

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