The division’s medical staff and partners now have reliable, secure access to patient data directly from the patient’s home
PARISJune 4, 2013 "">Avanade, the leading global integrator of Microsoft technologies at the enterprise level, today announced a project undertaken with the Home Hospitalization (Hospitalization à Domicile or HAD) division of Paris Hospitals (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris or AP-HP). Under this collaboration, Avanade has been responsible for advising HAD on the deployment of a Windows 8-based mobility solution and developing an application that nurses can use to manage patient records from the patient’s home in a secure environment.
Home hospitalization allows for the provision of coordinated medical and paramedical care at a patient’s home in consultation with hospital doctors, the family doctor, allied health professionals and social workers. It benefits patients of all ages – children, teenagers and adults alike – with severe acute or chronic diseases which would otherwise require hospitalization at a traditional health facility. Paris Hospitals’ Home Hospitalization division comprises 650 professionals managing 820 beds per day and is active in 111 municipalities in and around Paris.
Patients admitted into the HAD care system may in some cases receive several visits a day at home by nurses and other medical staff. These patients enjoy the same quality of care and attention as in a normal hospital, but in a familiar and comforting environment. Under the old system, each time care was provided, nurses updated the patient record manually in two files, one located at the patient's home, the other back at the department’s central care unit. This time-consuming process also generated unnecessary travel with significant negative impact on productivity. HAD consequently began exploring options to enable health professionals to manage patient records more efficiently.
Avanade proposed that HAD adopt a mobile solution that would leverage Windows 8 technology to provide remote access from patients’ homes to the information systems used to manage medical records.
This approach was supported by the development of an initial application to prove the concept. ‘Our primary concern was to propose a solution that met the specific needs of HAD in terms of mobility, security, performance and cost,’ stated Régis Ravant, Solutions Director, Avanade France & Belgium. ‘To ensure optimal conditions for deployment of our solution, we also advised HAD on the technical requirements that needed to be met, such as Internet connectivity and the endpoint security of devices and the information system.’
The resulting solution, called InfoDom, gives health professionals the option to scan any paper items in a patient’s record, such as prescriptions, photos of wounds or administrative documents. Scanning in this manner enables fast, secure synchronisation of patient records, eliminating manual updates. This solution also provides professionals both online and offline access to all information, including visual representations of when patients should be taking prescribed medicines.
The application’s user interface was designed to be as intuitive as possible for ease of use and adoption and to minimize training and support time. ‘In developing this application, we took into account all end-user requirements,’ explained Stéphane Donic, Interactive Division Director, Avanade France & Belgium. ‘We took full advantage of Windows 8 functionalities including the use of a touch screen to create a user-friendly navigation interface with a clean design that also conveys the values of HAD. The tablet and the application needed to stay in the background of the doctor-patient relationship and all the benefits created by this human contact, which is a major component of the therapeutic process. We made every effort to facilitate the solution’s adoption and use while also making it as unobtrusive as possible.’
“Our number-one requirement was mobility, which is essential to coordinating the activities of HAD,” said Marie-Laure Loffredo, Director of Paris Hospitals’ Home Hospitalization division. “Care plans had to be digitised and accessible to professionals in a patient’s home so they could add updates, consult protocols and forward information to other actors in real time. Traceability, transmission and coordination are guiding concepts at HAD. The unique nature of our organisation made us the perfect platform for experimentation.”
“Unified communication is a key issue in a highly distributed organisation such as HAD,” added Jérôme Guérin, Information System Director at HAD. “Combining the mobility offered through Microsoft’s Windows 8 environment with the experience of Avanade’s design experts has resulted in a highly intuitive application for users. Using the InfoDom application doesn’t require any specialised training, even for beginners or people who get nervous around computers. The ease of deployment of the Windows 8 tablets within our information system, together with the expertise Avanade brings to projects of this scale, have been key criteria in the success of the project. Computers no longer have to be a hindrance or constraint for care providers. This is the future of our hospitals.”
The pilot phase of the project was launched in May 2013 with 100 mobile devices with the goal of expanding service to all HAD patients (approximately 1,000 tablets) by the end of 2013.
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