CIOs need a vision for IT to increase their value to the business and become more innovative, agile and people-centric in today’s digital world. At Avanade we help our customers to embrace this vision and help them map a path to realize results.
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The Opportunity

IT Without Boundaries

IT is under pressure like never before and some say it’s becoming irrelevant. We say otherwise.

With a strategic vision called “IT Without Boundaries,” an IT organization can increase the value it provides to the business, delivering both innovation and lowering cost, and establishing itself as a strategic capability.   

Now is the time 

  • Business users have unprecedented expectations of IT
  • Cloud services can make traditional IT look expensive and
  • Shadow IT grows as money moves into the business units

As a result, IT is pulled in two directions: respond to new business requirements, while reducing cost, delivering faster, and protecting company data.  

IT needs a two-speed strategy
At the core of IT Without Boundaries is a two-speed strategy to meet these challenges: A fast IT approach to deliver innovation and a slower approach for the maintenance and support of legacy systems. 

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