The Opportunity


​Transform your business into a digital enterprise.
From consumer devices to global collaboration, your customers and employees demand new ways of working through more digitally empowered experiences.

The good news is that you can give them what they want—and your enterprise can benefit with more of what it wants: productivity, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, revenues, competitiveness, and profits.

The key is Work Redesigned.
Work Redesigned is Avanade’s strategy for taking the challenges you face—consumer technologies, mobile devices, cloud services, and more—and exploiting them to transform how work gets done in our digital world. The result is better ways to work:  better for customers and employees and brilliant for business.

Just imagine Imagine a digital enterprise in which:

  • Employees create virtual teams that accelerate innovations
  • Salespeople are empowered to delight customers and boost sales
  • Customers and employees have a consistent,beautiful,seamless,omni-channel experiences
  • Mobile apps make customers and employees productive from anywhere

Welcome to the world of Work Redesigned. 


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