Enterprise Social Collaboration

Transform the way you do social.

Your workforce is changing. They are now communicating and collaborating using chat, text, social and other methods that are not part of traditional enterprise IT. Avanade Enterprise Social Collaboration helps you manage these changes by empowering your collaboration space to unlock the brilliance of your workforce.

The Avanade Enterprise Social Collaboration solution is a holistic approach that lets you integrate individuals’ skills and expertise with line-of-business applications. When implemented, you will be able to act quickly, create a collaborative environment on the fly, and reduce deployment risks by identifying and engaging the most qualified specialists for critical initiatives.

Avanade Enterprise Social Collaboration fosters idea creation like never before, bringing new capabilities to your enterprise:

  • Remove knowledge silos: By providing a social computing solution that encourages sharing, captures knowledge, and enables immediate action on tasks, it empowers employees to collaborate in real-time
  • Locate expertise: Enterprise social collaboration provides an ideal way for your enterprise to find untapped talent within your workforce
  • Personal interactions: Leverage employee profiles and add valuable context for your discussions while building virtual relationships with your co-workers
  • Finding common interests: Find people with shared interests to help you solve large problems—or evolve whole new communities
  • Improve time to market: By leveraging internal employees or crowdsourcing with customers, you can innovate faster with a more direct focus on customer needs and what employees see in the marketplace
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