Mobile Airline Platform

The new way of delivering sales and service for the airline industry.

The way airlines are doing business is undergoing a fundamental transformation. This transformation focuses on applying innovative programs and technologies to improve and differentiate the passenger experience. But this transformation also includes airlines working to capture new ancillary revenues -- revenues beyond the sale of tickets that are generated by direct sales to passengers.

Airlines are adopting new technologies and business solutions that help improve the passenger experience while also providing a platform to generate new revenue streams. Mobile-based technologies and solutions are key to this endeavor. Mobile solutions offer the promise of anytime, anywhere access to passenger, flight, product information and sales and service processes to better serve customer needs. These solutions are beginning to be rapidly being adopted by in-flight crew members to enhance the effectiveness of their engagement with passengers throughout a flight. The Avanade Mobile Airline Platform is purposely designed to help airlines advance their efforts in enabling in-flight crew to deliver a superior passenger experience and generate ancillary revenues in-flight.

The Avanade Mobile Airline Platform applies mobile innovation, real-time connectivity, and advanced sales and service capabilities to redesign inflight sales and service to significantly enhance the passenger experience while creating opportunities to generate ancillary revenue. The platform provides in-flight crew with a state-of-the-art, feature-rich mobile application that better enables the crew to provide a rich sales and service experience to passengers. Through enhanced technology and tools, the Avanade Mobile Airline Platform brings about an entirely new approach to airline sales and service.

Avanade’s Mobile Airline Platform delivers: 

  • Robust retail front and back-office processes and integration to deliver a rich sales and service experience to passengers inflight and across other channels
  • Mobile user interface design specifically for use “in the air”
  • Support for personal devices (BYOD models) across multiple mobile operating platforms, eliminating the need for unfriendly dedicated mobile devices
  • Real-time inflight internet connectivity and off-line processing when needed
  • Complete package of implementation, integration, and managed services to support rapid deployment and scalable and reliable on-going operations
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