The choice for a Microsoft-based platform was a forward-looking choice as we were convinced that this platform would provide us with more benefits. Another reason was that the technologies that were part of the project (Microsoft Dynamics AX for ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server for Data & Analytics purposes) integrate very well with each other.
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Data and Analytics

Are you getting a dividend from your

The world runs on data. It’s streaming in from every conceivable device, system, process and interaction. While organisations can envision value from their data, harnessing it to inform, guide and accelerate growth remains a struggle.

In fact, research from IDC shows $1.6 trillion in additional value – or the Data Dividend – that companies can gain from investing in comprehensive data and analytics capabilities. To get the biggest return on that data dividend, today’s digital enterprises need to invest in the right new data sources and types, metrics, analytics tools and access for new users.

Data and analytics can help the digital enterprise leverage every asset, resource and opportunity to accelerate growth, drive new levels of productivity and remain flexible in a constantly changing business climate with Microsoft technologies.

Avanade worked with The Economist to develop insights on Data and Analytics in the Digital World.

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