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​Designed with mobility in mind, Windows 8 ushers in new business possibilities.

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The business landscape is changing – dramatically. Social media adoption is rising. Customers expect to do business on their terms. Tech savvy employees have high expectations about how they want to work, demanding easy access to systems and data from anywhere, anytime and on any device. For businesses, it’s all about mobility.

It’s not a simple answer for business, but Avanade’s work with early adopter Microsoft Windows 8 along with Windows Phone customers represents a significant response to this change. Windows 8 provides new options and ways in which companies can use a new class of applications to help employees do their jobs in new ways and provide consumers the experience they want, when they want it and on any device. One of the great things about Windows 8 is that it gives organizations the ability to deliver a complete application portfolio spanning Windows 8 apps, Desktop apps and Internet Explorer. So moving existing devices and existing applications in your organization to Windows 8 is the best story we’ve ever told for Windows.

What does business transformation look like?

Windows 8 provides point-of-sale and interactive, informative retail experiences for the consumer on mobile devices, and new line-of-business applications for workers in the field to access data on mobile devices.

Video on demand for consumers - CuboWorld from Telecom Italia:
Avanade was engaged to support the development of a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 B2C application suite for Telecom Italia, called CuboWorld.
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Easing the selection and connection to roaming partners across Europe - Telefónica Digital:
Avanade helped Telefónica Digital create a Windows 8 application to help increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn with their customer base.
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An automobile configurator for the mobile consumer:
Avanade helped this manufacturer envision a better way to engage their customers off the showroom floor with the selection of vehicle, series and model as well as selecting custom features like paint, wheels and trim via multiple devices.
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