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Achieving global reach means embracing diversity. 


Adam Warby, Avanade CEO, celebrating International Women’s Day. 

begin quotation   Companies need to have a diversity and inclusion strategy because it is the right thing to do. And personally I think that should be enough of a reason. But as a CEO, I also need to be conscious of the ROI of our strategic imperatives. And there is a strong business case for having a diversity and inclusion strategy that includes increasing our global competitive advantage, enhancing our engagements with customers and engaging our talent. I am committed to making this strategy a success and I am counting on each of our people to do likewise.  end quotation Adam Warby, CEO Avanade, Inc.

Thinking globally, acting locally

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To achieve Adam’s aspiration we think globally and implement locally in the areas and regions we do business. We recognize the importance of having a global strategy that ties us all together across the fabric of Avanade; however, the importance of local context for driving diversity and inclusion strategies will ultimately create success.

Our strategic focus has been to create a strong, shared understanding of what diversity and inclusion mean at Avanade, ensuring ALL of our employees’ diversity, talents and skills are leveraged to ensure competitive advantage for us in the marketplace. In the future, we will constantly challenge ourselves to implement diversity and inclusion tactics to attract, develop and keep a diverse employee workforce across the company.

Ongoing Programs

Avanade has a growing and significant list of diversity-related actions and activities:

  • Our largest effort to date focused around International Women’s Day (IWD). We hosted 60 regional events in over 20 countries in 2014 where the topic was “Empower! Knowing and Growing Your Career Capital.”
  • Ran IWD Avanade Marquee event in London featuring Dame Stephanie Shirley, ex-refugee and IT entrepreneur, telling her extraordinary story to a fascinated audience
  • Established a Women’s Employee Resource Group to bring together Avanade women to focus on global pipeline issues.
  • Established our first Global Employee Resource Group, the LGBTQA employee resource group.
  • Implemented a learning and development program to expose our senior leaders to a broad set of experiential educational opportunities.
  • Launched our first ever Women in Leadership program called Accelerator Program for Women focusing on better supporting women to progress their careers.
  • Rolled out mentoring rings across the globe to reach even more employees at all levels in the organization . 
  • For the second year running in 2014, we are supporting La Nuvola Rosa (The Pink Cloud), a conference in Italy serving female students who are taking Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses. 
  • We have launched Diversity 101 training for all employees to raise awareness and understanding of promoting inclusive behavior  at Avanade.
  • Girl Geek Coffee Ambassadors (Australia) – Avanade is proud to be involved with Girl Geek Coffees - a meet and greet open discussion group for females studying Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Multimedia and related disciplines. Our goal in partnering with Girl Geek coffees is to increase the participation for women in the IT workplace. 
  • In October 2013 an organization  called Zemi arranged a three-day game development hackathon as part of the Turku science fair. The theme for this hackathon was games and learning, therefore the goal was to produce games to aid learning. Avanade participated this event as Team Avanade with a goal to gain visibility for both Avanade and Women in IT.


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