Chris Howarth

Global Lead, Accenture Microsoft Business Group

Chris Howarth is Senior Managing Director, Global Lead – Accenture Microsoft Business Group. In this role he is responsible for bringing the power of Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade together to develop and deliver industry leading technology solutions for our clients around the world. Chris is a passionate leader who believes in the strength of strategic partnerships to drive greater growth for our clients and deliver differentiated experiences for their customers.

Chris’ career at Accenture spans more than 25 years, where he’s driven incredible impact for clients and the telecommunications sector before stepping into the AMBG Lead role. As a Client Account Lead for one of Accenture’s largest accounts, Chris led major global transformation initiatives recognised across the industry for delivering both profitable and sustainable growth.

Chris is based in Wales and enjoys cycling and spending time with his family, including walks in mountains and trips to the coast. He is a massive rugby fan and looks for any opportunity to watch them at home or on tour.

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