Organisations looking to gain a competitive edge are building AI-powered intelligent automation to speed digital transformation. Avanade, in collaboration with Blueprint Software Systems and Microsoft, has built an automation migration kit that saves time, reduces cost, and scales intelligent automation to every part of the enterprise.

Automate migration to accelerate digital transformation

As organisations rethink their business for a post-pandemic future, many leaders are looking for ways to accelerate digital transformation. Companies invested in automation technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and its AI-infused sibling intelligent automation (IA) are looking for ways to unlock additional business efficiencies and workforce productivity.

But too often, automation efforts stalled. Some bumped into the limitations of RPA and never got beyond proof-of-concept. Or they tried to force-fit IA before the data ecosystem was mature enough, leading to disparate automations and disappointing results. Organisations need an “easy button” approach to create a cohesive, single-platform automation solution that can scale across the entire enterprise.

Avanade, together with Blueprint and Microsoft have collaborated on an automation migration kit that helps convert a company’s existing automations from other platforms over to Power Automate 30% faster for about 70% less cost of a manual migration. It also creates a digital blueprint of your automations to allow for higher-quality automations, with lower maintenance and break-fix costs.

“Historically, the prospect of changing RPA vendors meant companies had to rebuild their bots from scratch. The hours, labor, and operational expense of doing this ultimately prevented companies from switching,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO, Blueprint. “Our partnership with Avanade enables companies to migrate seamlessly from platforms including Automation Anywhere to Power Automate. It also helps them to realise full benefits of intelligent automation by bridging their internal silos and support business priorities, enabling business and IT teams to shorten the time to value.”

Dan Shimmerman CEO, Blueprint

Deploy intelligent automation faster and at enterprise scale

Hit the “easy button” and move existing automations to Power Automate, Microsoft’s powerful but easy-to-use automation solution. Further leverage the Microsoft technology with the comprehensive Power Platform – fusing together AI, workflow, integration, API automation, and RPA – alongside Azure Services, including cognitive services tools.

With the right strategy, domain expertise, and ecosystem, we can help you drive both top-line and bottom-line business results including:

  • Increase automation business value by 5x
  • Deploy enterprise automations 35% faster
  • Accelerate platform migration cost 70%
  • Reduce average handling time by 45%
  • Achieve ERP automation ROI in less than 6 months
  • Speed customer service and sales case management by 54x
  • Reduce automation TCO by up to 50% on Power Automate
  • Deploy up to 25% faster on Power Automate

Avanade, a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture, frequently has early, hands-on access to Microsoft technology. We are intimately familiar with Microsoft’s latest intelligent automation platform, the inner workings of Power Automate Desktop (PAD), and Microsoft’s updated SDK for porting automations from other platforms into Power Automate.

No other Microsoft partner has deeper understanding or experience. As part our global partnership with Blueprint Systems, we work closely with the Microsoft Power Automate product team to support early-adopter clients with migrating existing automation estates to Microsoft Power Automate.

Avanade has completed 6,000-plus automations for more than 350 clients. We run automation migration factories staffed in locations around the world. Our global team by-the-numbers:

  • 4,200-plus automation experts with dedicated migration pods
  • 1,000 data engineers
  • 400 AI practitioners
  • 300 cognitive services experts


Rethink intelligent automation for scale

Getting the most out of your automation tool investments.

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