What’s the urgency?

The global Covid-19 crisis accelerated digital experience demands at least five years. For example, shoppers, business buyers, employees, partners who were slow to go “all in” on digital before, now demand a digital experience personalised just for them. Today’s digital experiences must be content centric, commerce capable and context driven, and time to value has never been more critical.

Episerver’s 2020 survey of 600 global B2B leaders indicates “rising digital expectations” is the top external threat facing their business. Speed, scale and business intelligence are how to meet the threat of being Amazon-ed out and the keys to growing revenue through relationships.

“Together Avanade and Episerver empower growing companies to compete digitally through smart and scalable solutions delivered at speed. Through the marriage of world-class content management, leading B2B and B2C commerce and AI-based intelligence solutions, customers enjoy simple and seamless digital experiences, creating a world where digital experiences mirror the empathy and convenience of face-to-face interactions.”

No experience is perfect if it’s three months late

By helping you get more value from the Episerver Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform™, we can help you quickly adapt to customer needs today and anticipate what they’ll want tomorrow. You are empowered with the agility to keep pace with rising expectations and rapidly orchestrate hassle-free experiences with your brand both online and off, closing your customer-centricity gap for good. Integrated properly with your existing ecosystem, Episerver Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform lets you:

  • Accelerate sales growth of new products and revenue streams
  • Faster time to market
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase revenue and average order value
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Episerver’s Value to the Marketplace

  1. Dedicated to Digital Experience: Episerver is consistently ranked by industry analysts as a market leader and is committed to continual investment in product and service improvements. Building on a rock-solid cloud platform and global content delivery network, Episerver’s customers can innovate without disruption.
  2. Enabling Advanced Personalisation: Episerver’s AI-based personalisation allows automated and dynamic targeting of individuals based on behavior and intent. Episerver customers immediately serve their end-customers with seamless 1:1 experiences, without having to build complex rules or hire a data scientist.
  3. Built for Speed: Episerver is deployed and operational faster than all other business-grade competitors. Episerver customers benefit from a recurring time-to-value, reduced switching costs and a faster route to customer happiness.
  4. Simplicity of Service: Episerver reduces complexity through automation and thoughtful design, always aiming to under promise and over deliver. Episerver’s customers benefit from a single login across all capabilities, a simple and fair pricing model, and an extremely intuitive user interface.
  5. One Platform with Extensibility: Episerver’s unified content and commerce capabilities are surrounded by thoughtful integrations. Episerver customers offer a completely seamless buying experience to end-customers, all through the buying journey and however they want to engage.

Avanade is a leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences delivered through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Adapting to the cloud age

In an independent study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Episerver, Forrester Consulting found the primary value drivers of Episerver to include:

  • Episerver provides the ability for the composite to build-once, use multiple times. Effort required to produce new webpages is reduced by 50% at a minimum on Episerver.
  • Digital assets are shared for use between informational content pages, digital commerce pages, and marketing campaigns.
  • Coding is minimalised and in fact allows creatives and content producers to deploy content into production. Developers are instead able to reallocate their efforts to enhancing or building out new functionality on web properties.

One of the top reasons for the triple-digit gains made by customers is Episerver’s partnership with Microsoft. Episerver, as a .NET platform SaaS offering hosted on Microsoft Azure, results in sizeable savings, security, speed and scalability.

Faster time to value with Azure
Episerver chooses Microsoft Azure to support its Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform, using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) as the orchestration engine for high-availability multitenant microservices and Azure App Service for easily scalable web app deployment.

“We’ve found Azure to be a highly scalable solution space that allows us to easily enable features and rapidly roll out capabilities. We look to Avanade to provide premier Azure services to our joint customers. We looked at other solutions, but Azure offered us hosting designed for our workload and unparalleled support—giving us a much faster time to value than we found elsewhere.”

Incredible commerce insights with Dynamics 365
Create standout end-to-end commerce experiences with Avanade, Microsoft and Episerver.

We combined Dynamics 365 and Episerver’s Digital Experience Platform powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud, so you can quickly launch a unified experience-driven commerce platform to engage with your customers across their entire journey – with rapid productivity and faster time-to-value.

Episerver’s analyst accolades

Episerver is routinely recognised by industry analysts with current placements in each of the leading analyst firms. Learn more here.

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