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AEON Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (AEON Insurance Service) provides products, sales and consultations to its customers. It began a transformation to centralise support functions within its call center and increase the number of employees staffing it. As part of this process, the insurer also wanted to upgrade its operations system and integrate a new solution – Genesys Cloud CX – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

"Avanade supported us with painstaking attention to detail, and the project proceeded well. Introduction support, which included training our employees, also helped us to begin operating the solution smoothly."

Ryoko Yamaguchi Head of the Customer Support Department, Sales Division, AEON Insurance Service Co., Ltd.


AEON Insurance Service selected Avanade to link the Genesys Cloud CX platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 thanks in large part to our extensive work with Dynamics 365 and experience as a Microsoft partner. The tool was developed in three months using an agile methodology.

During development, a top priority was connecting the call center’s phone system with the cloud platform and allowing recorded calls to be replayed to avoid inconsistency in the customer experience. Avanade also created a user-friendly interface so that call center operators can identify the correct customer when there are multiple incoming calls, and automatically retrieve their information. Furthermore, we created a history registration screen that starts up automatically when there is no customer information within the CRM. New histories can easily be created using voice data.


By linking Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Genesys Cloud CX, customer information can be retrieved using a phone number. Additionally, when a call is forwarded to another operator, the customer information screen is displayed and the new operator can provide a consistent response, increasing customer satisfaction.

Looking ahead, AEON Insurance Service wants to accelerate responses by sending important information to customers using SMS messaging. Beyond that, it also anticipates the deployment of an AI chatbot and is hoping to obtain business insights by analyzing incoming call data.

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