Avanade team shortens invoicing from days to minutes

Business Situation

When Avanade acquired KCS.net, we made it our mission to maintain – and enhance – our new team’s ability to serve our clients. Our existing business processes were not perfectly aligned to those at KCS.net, plus our finance and operations teams started receiving an added volume of up to 600 invoices each month. Employees struggled with having to duplicate efforts across two disparate systems.

“I love it. It is saving us all so much time and it is so much easier to invoice clients.”

Kathrin Prostka Client Financial Management Lead,Avanade.


So began an innovative project, combining the expertise and resources from across Avanade and Accenture, to create a seamless integration between legacy SAP business applications and a new, more agile Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

Our financial operations experts began working closely with end-users to define a seamless and integrated solution. Through user workshops and cross-disciplinary sessions, we gained an understanding of what employees required to adapt to a new, hybrid system of record.


This technically sophisticated and innovative new solution is having a positive impact on our clients and employees. Common, daily processes, such as invoice creation that once took days are now automated and can be done within just a few minutes by one person.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrate ERP, CRM and Office 365 capabilities.

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