In a rapidly shifting global economy, the companies that will continue to grow are those that empower their employees. Productivity is no longer a nice to have, it’s an imperative.

Microsoft and Avanade have partnered to run a productivity “innovation incubator” called Productivity Studio within the Microsoft Employee Experience group. Microsoft employees come to the Productivity Studio with a problem and we help them reshape that problem, consider all the tools available on the Microsoft platform and use the “art of the possible” around those tools.

In one recent survey, a Microsoft employee shared: “Wonderful engagement resulting in what will be a highly valuable and impactful deliverable. Looking forward to partnering with Productivity Studio again in the future.”

That kind of feedback has driven our Avanade and Microsoft teams to think even bigger. We’ve now developed a knowledge and asset harvesting model to identify studio tools with the most far-reaching value to publish on AppSource, Microsoft’s online store for business apps and services, so other companies can also benefit. In addition to sharing these innovative solutions through open-source technology, we’re also ready to share the entire Productivity Studio model with other Avanade and Microsoft clients.

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