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Meet with the Avanade team at Field Service USA 2021 to learn about mixed reality, predictive analytics, machine learning, digital twin and IoT solutions that can enhance your field service operations now. We’re showcasing the latest in enabling technologies at our virtual booth with demos and sharing our perspective during a live Technology Innovation & Adoption Spotlight Session.

Don’t miss our Technology Innovation & Adoption Spotlight Session

Beyond remote assistance: ControlSight brings XR, IoT and Digital Twins together, presented by Alexander Meijers, Global XR Tech Lead, and Jens Grambau, Dynamics 365CE Sub Offering Service Lead.

Join this session to see how Avanade helps field service organizations by taking Microsoft technology to the next level. The Avanade ControlSight solution brings extended reality (XR), IoT and Digital Twins together providing insights and control over assets using augmented glasses. Learn how to enhance the mobile experience for field workers using contextual information based on their location, role and task.

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Nancie Calder 

Nancie Calder
Global Dynamics 365 Customer & Field Service Lead

Alexander Meijers 

Alexander Meijers
Global XR Tech Lead

Jens Grambau 

Jens Grambau
Dynamics 365CE Sub Offering Service Lead

field service digital transformation 

Dan Cefaratti
North America Field Service Lead

Matt Hulbert  

Matt Hulbert
Executive Experience Director

Scott LeFante  

Scott LeFante
Director, Technology Leadership

Rethink field service for the future

Read our guides, informed by research and work with global clients, to understand how to get the most value from new technologies to improve your field service performance.

Making field service more efficient and effective

Don’t be left in the past. Experience tomorrow’s mainstream technology today with connected workers, equipment and analytics.

If you’re looking to improve first time fix rates, mean time to repair, and employee retention and customer satisfaction, learn more our modern connected field service solutions. They’re available today and can help you achieve these common business objectives and more. Contact us to request a demo.


Hololens + Remote Assist

This solution demonstrates how to conquer common field service challenges with real-time digital mixed reality (MR) remote support. We’ll show how to use Microsoft Hololens to capture and live-share complex service scenarios with experts to drive better service outcomes faster, from anywhere.


Intelligent Field Service

We’ll share how to use IoT alerts, mobile inspection capabilities and predictive machine learning to identify and solve asset problems fast, or before they ever happen.


Hololens + Guides

Experience Microsoft Hololens mixed reality paired with Microsoft Guides. Through this solution, heads-up digital manuals and training displays enable your employees to get hands-on learning and step-by-step instructions more effectively.

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