Leadership in times of adversity

Today more than ever, we need a style of leadership that pulls people together. Good leadership makes us look within ourselves to see how we can contribute to a cause that is bigger than ourselves, and instead feel part of a broader community where all members thrive.

Good leadership is particularly pertinent to women, according to Avanade’s Puja Prabhakar. In her experience and view, women encounter many times of uncertainty in their careers as they go through different phases of their work, family- and personal lives.

In the webinar ‘’Leading in Times of Adversity’’, Puja will share her tips on the best ways of successfully navigating the choppy waters of uncertainty.

She will equip those taking part with a managerial toolkit that is full of empathy and supports a community spirit, something which is essential to surviving and indeed thriving in times like the current COVID-19 induced lockdown.

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Puja Prabhakar

Puja Prabhakar

Puja Prabhakar’s career in IT Consulting started when she was smitten by an early Macintosh and decided to pursue a computer science degree. After graduating, despite her love of Apple, it was Microsoft and the way it spread tentacles to all corners of the globe in the ‘90s, that boosted Puja’s early career. Puja caught that wave and worked on challenging projects across the world with some of the best people in the industry. In 2002, she joined Avanade, and it’s been her home ever since. Today, she leads the Banking and Capital Markets Operating Group at Avanade UKI.


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