Increasing Productivity for Frontline Workers in the Public Sector

To meet stakeholders’ expectations through continual change, public sector organisations need to focus on innovating enhanced experiences for employees. Sometimes, this means adopting more accessible technologies. In other cases, it requires that they rethink employee roles altogether.

Using the internet of things (IoT) and AI to increase the timeliness and effectiveness of responses to non-emergency citizen services requests improves the overall citizen experience. It also changes the traditional role of the contact center or field service worker. As a result, public sector leaders need to fill new types of jobs in city departments and rethink how employees serve citizen needs.

  • What roles do departments now have that did not exist five years ago?
  • How are citizen-facing employees ‘ jobs changing with the adoption of IoT and related technologies and increased self-service citizen engagement?
  • Are organisations seeing new demands from employees around the applications that they use?

Executive Summary:

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