Rethink your digital Manufacturing future

Manufacturers are rethinking how to continually change and shift from being reactive to proactive to solve their manufacturing industry challenges in supply chain management, digital transformation, product development and vertical integration.

“90% of executives agree that to be agile and resilient, their organisations need to fast forward their digital transformation.”

Many manufacturers are still dealing with the day-to-day impact of evolving consumer expectations and supply chain disruption. But they’re also focusing on bigger transformation initiatives to continually evolve their workplace and workforce, strengthen operational resilience, and create agile and adaptable organisations. Avanade’s digital manufacturing solutions, offer IT and business transformation solutions to address the manufacturing industry’s key trends and challenges.

Our global expertise

Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Our combined industry, strategic and technical expertise means we understand the complexities of the manufacturing industry and are committed to providing innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

Here’s why Avanade is the only Microsoft partner of choice to position your manufacturing business:

  • 52,000 Microsoft-trained professionals in Accenture and Avanade
  • 60,000+ certifications in Microsoft technology
  • 10,000 projects successfully delivered for over 4,000 clients worldwide
  • We focus on Manufacturing trends and thought leadership.
  • We have a Global network of digital innovation studios.

Awards and Certifications
Avanade is Microsoft’s leading partner in delivering digital manufacturing solutions

  • 2021 Microsoft Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year for the 16th time
  • Microsoft Automotive Partner of the Year 2021
  • Microsoft Finalist for Manufacturing Partner of the Year 2021
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Customer Services Partner of the Year 2021
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & Finance Partner of the Year 2021
  • Employee Experience Partner of the Year 2021
  • IDC Leader for Microsoft Implementation Services and Forrester D365 Leader
Intelligent Business Applications

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Avanade brings the best of Microsoft technology with tailored business solutions, so organisations can improve existing flows and processes, identify and pursue new business opportunities, and stay ahead of competition.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, personalized by Avanade

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is a fully integrated suite of solutions designed to support your manufacturing industry challenges.

Industry X

Powered by data and digital. End-to-end. Connected. Intelligent.
Embrace continual change for your entire product and operating value chain.

Connected workforce solutions for manufacturing

Watch this short video to see how leading manufacturers are empowering their workforces with connected solutions.


Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

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