Future Ready ERP

At the rapid pace of today’s business, not keeping up with enterprise technology is like letting your business get stranded on a desert island. Finance and Operations (or ERP) systems need to be agile, capable of delivering non-obvious insights to the business; continuously updated to take advantage of new technology; and integrated with a host of other business processes to develop operational agility.

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The challenge for most organisations, is that migrating from either their existing system to a new platform or upgrading from an older version of their system to the new may seem complex, costly and daunting. Our Intelligent Upgrade guide includes considerations for you to migrate your legacy and out-of-date ERP systems to make things simple again:

  • Get and stay current with cloud-based platforms
  • Integrate intelligence for accelerated results
  • Drive to simplicity with business process and automation

A five-step guide to future-ready ERP

How migrating or upgrading to D365 can help you take advantage of new technology.


How to future ready your ERP platform

Migrate AX 2009 / AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 in the Cloud.


The new, non-disruptive ERP cycle

Embrace new migration tools to achieve new levels of finance and operations excellence.


Theramex prepares to advance women’s healthcare with intelligent operations

Avanade helps meet strict regulatory needs and timeframe with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Ready to become Future Ready. Now?

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