Is your business Ready by Design?

In today’s business landscape, you have to be prepared for anything. You have to be ready by design.

With disruption affecting every sector, preparing for change has never been more important. To succeed in an increasingly fast-moving environment, you need to increase the agility of your business, achieve faster time to market and be able to create new business models. But how?

By building innovative applications at speed, liberating your talent to use agile and DevOps, and securely unlocking the value of the Microsoft cloud.

Our Digital Innovation Studios work with you to envision, design, and develop innovative solutions that continually evolve at scale through our technology and global industry experience.

When you’re prepared for anything, shaped to adapt and evolve, you’re Ready by Design.

“IT used to be the bottleneck on anything that needed to get done. Since working with Avanade, we have a track record of meeting business needs. IT is now an asset that gives the business confidence to explore opportunities.”

Stuart Beeston COO, Centrica Energy Marketing and Trading

Get your business Ready by Design

In today’s business landscape you have to be prepared for anything.


Cloud and Application Services

Let your applications drive your infrastructure.

Why you need to be Ready by Design

By 2025, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies will have led disruptive innovations.*

The things that made firms successful in the past are now holding them back. Startups, with greater agility and focus, have had a clear advantage that has allowed them to disrupt industries. This is a massive challenge for large established organisations, burdened with technology debt and old ways of working that constrain talent

Avanade helps established organisations and start-ups increase their revenues by creating new digital business models, unlock agility by leveraging the power of the cloud and get to market faster by embracing modern engineering approaches.

*Source: Forrester Not All Innovations Are Created Equal

Avanade helps organisations around the world to prepare for the unknown

With unique technology and global industry experience, our expertise is unrivaled.

  • Digital Innovation Studios around the world with multidisciplinary teams
  • Microsoft Alliance SI Partner of the Year 11 years running
  • The ability to securely integrate the Microsoft cloud with existing technology investments
  • Business case and implementation roadmap using our Envisioning expertise
  • Specialist tools and IP to handle the transition to a new technology platform
A guide to Cloud Native Applications for the CIO

Transform the enterprise through the adoption of cloud native practices with the cloud native applications CIO guide

Rethink the cloud as you Respond, Reset and Renew

Unlock business value from Microsoft Azure.

Workplace Platform Modernization

Transform your workplace with a modern platform.

Application Development

Create new business models with human-centric applications.

Application Managed Services

Continually enhance your application portfolio with intelligent managed services.

Application Modernisation

Bring new value to existing systems through cloud-native modernisation.


Next steps

Find out how your organisation can become Ready by Design.

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