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eurotrade Flughafen München Handels-GmbH (eurotrade) operates around 50 shops at the Munich Airport which specialize in duty-free, fashion, jewelry and news and travel needs. It found it difficult keeping up with the pace of change around digital retail. Legacy systems and limited data and visibility of inventory needs required employees to take extra manual steps to complete operations. eurotrade managed performance gaps by hiring more people – a practice that was no longer sustainable. The company wanted a more integrated, modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to help it increase sales and personalize the customer experience.

“Avanade’s experience and process-driven approach helped us manage the complexity of POS system integration and external order system integration.”

Stefan Vogel Team Lead for ERP and LVS, eurotrade


eurotrade chose Avanade and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for its ERP upgrade. We helped consolidate the company’s three material management systems to create a common platform for finance and warehouse logistics. We also complemented the solution with our unique assets, including advanced vendor management for delivery reminders and supplier rating as well as bank automation for better payment processes. These new digital features enable the company’s 350 salespeople to respond quickly to new developments. They can now connect to the system on their devices to gain real-time visibility of available items, ensuring products quickly make their way to the physical shops and into customers’ hands.


With these integrations, eurotrade is elevating the retail experience and supporting 17,000 transactions per day in 148 point of sale locations. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced workloads on salespersons who can focus increasing sales
  • Greater transparency and faster go-to-market strategy
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Faster monthly closing processes for procurement

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