Football Federation Australia is giving clubs and fans new digital experiences, helping raise the profile of the sport

Business Situation

Websites for Football Federation Australia (FFA) and professional football clubs were maintained by a third-party provider using outdated technology that was inflexible and hadn’t kept up with internet standards and trends. This provided a disjointed experience for fans visiting its websites and FFA decided to re-platform the sites to improve their fans’ experiences.


FFA used Drupal via Acquia Cloud Enterprise, a managed service hosted on AWS infrastructure. The build was managed by a blended team of the FFA and Acquia-recommended partners, Avanade’s Digital Innovation Studio and Codeware. Leveraging experienced partners such as Avanade and Codeware was critical because FFA’s digital team had no prior Drupal experience or the scale to tackle a project of this size.


  • The FFA’s own website, as well as 19 individual sites, have been moved to the Acquia platform.
  • Each website now has a unique look based on the individual club’s offerings, though they share some common style elements, as well as underlying technology that is helping them to reap the best value for their sponsors.
  • There now is much more flexibility to spin up new microsites to respond to marketing or commercial opportunities. Previously, setting up a microsite required months of advance planning, whereas now the turnaround is less than a week.

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