Pellegrini transforms its culture and efficiencies with quick cloud migration

Business Situation

Pellegrini, founded by Cavaliere del Lavoro Ernesto Pellegrini in 1965, has more than 9,000 employees in Milan, Rome, Mendrisio and abroad, with recorded revenues of 640 million euros in 2019. The company deals with services such as catering, welfare solutions, cleaning and integrated services, automatic distribution, meat processing and food supplies. Because Pellegrini’s legacy ERP operated on a platform that would soon be unsupported – Microsoft Dynamics AX, version R2, the company had to decide whether to move to the next release of AX while remaining on-premises or move everything to the cloud.


The decision was to move to the cloud and Avanade helped Pellegrini with this initiative. This is a future-ready and scalable solution that frees it from potential challenges, such as related impacts on business security and costs. To achieve the objectives, we used an agile-led approach.

Avanade designed a proof-of-concept for Pellegrini, with emphasis on data integration to ensure that the on-premises and cloud solutions communicated seamlessly from day one. The company had more than 200 interfaces and information flows. The validation of the data integration methods was key to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud migration project. Various integration tests were performed on the Microsoft tools to prevent data loss and as a result, all transactions were successfully moved. Custom developments have been revised and streamlined according to actual needs.

"The goal of giving continuity to the company was immediately achieved. Our transition was clear from one system to another, the tests and acceptance tests were fundamental. We have benefited from savings and efficiency, but above all, the speed and certainty of operations on a future-proof platform give us infinite potential for innovation, expansion and integration," said Roberto Prefumo, CIO at Pellegrini.

"With this ERP migration, there was no data loss in moving from the on-prem version to the cloud. We recovered everything we previously had."

Roberto Prefumo CIO, Pellegrini


Pellegrini realised numerous benefits from the new ERP ecosystem, including:

  • A transformed corporate culture
  • Knowledge transfer to end users and the IT management team
  • A smooth transition from one system to another with no interruption to business operations
  • Greater safety and efficiencies
  • Reduced operational costs, which can now be invested in core activities
  • Streamlined data
  • Fast, reliable operations with a future-ready evergreen platform

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