Texas Roadhouse modernizes key accounting and financial systems to support growth

Business Situation

Texas Roadhouse’s growth trajectory underscored the need to modernize its nearly 20-year-old ERP system as it sought to manage 70,000 assets, the addition of new restaurants and over 30,000 vendors.

The company chose to team with Avanade on a solution that leveraged Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Azure to achieve a modern and flexible platform that could easily scale.

“It was really a no-brainer to move to a cloud-based infrastructure to support our business. The cloud proved to be more robust and secure than an on-premises model, and we knew in the long run it would be more flexible and scalable as we continue to grow.”

Hernan Mujica VP, Information Technology, Texas Roadhouse


Texas Roadhouse and Avanade teamed to build and deploy the new cloud-based solution and help the company meet three key business objectives:  establish a cost-effective cloud platform to support growth, improve the workplace experience and increase productivity, and provide real-time insights into the overall health of the business.

Avanade applied its industry-leading Rapid Results solution—a business process driven implementation method—to reduce the risks associated with such a complex migration.


The company is already realizing a number of benefits from the move to a cloud-based accounting and financial systems platform. Among these, its team of accounting professionals now has the functionality to efficiently support a growing business. After being operational on Microsoft Dynamics AX for only three months, the system is stable and reliable, and financial data is becoming more transparent to the rest of the business.

Texas Roadhouse

Read more about how the new cloud-based ERP solution provides scalability, cost savings and an improved workplace experience.

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