A focus on both goods and services leads to a complete, connected customer experience

Consumer goods companies used to design, produce and ship products for customers to buy through a third-party. Now, many focus on the services side to offer customers a more complete and connected experience. They’re trying to get closer to customers, understand them better and be a top-of-mind brand, not just a manufacturer.

In some cases, that means adding a direct-to-consumer (retail) channel to their existing distribution channels. For others, it means adding services to make the company’s products more relevant and cement lasting relationships with consumers.

In either case, technology plays a key role. A competitive digital consumer goods and services (CG&S) organisation today uses disruptive technologies, such as intelligent automation, machine learning and the industrial internet of things, to connect people, processes, things and data. The resulting personalisation, workforce empowerment and insight-led decision-making are cornerstones of a successful digital business.

“Avanade has the know-how, the Microsoft expertise, and the innovative spirit we needed to successfully undertake a project of this magnitude [migration to Office 365] and to deliver a solution with higher benefits and more security than we previously had.”

Markus Petrak Corporate Director, Integrated Business Solutions, Henkel AG

The benefits we bring to CG&S organisations

We understand the role technology plays in a successful CG&S organisation. We can help you:
  • Integrate retail into your distribution channel
  • Make your product go-to-market strategy faster, smarter and more efficient
  • Discover new, more meaningful opportunities to engage with retailers, consumers and supply chain vendors
  • Use data to create responsive, engaging customer experiences across all channels
  • Identify the right tools to empower your workforce to be more flexible, efficient and effective
  • Overcome limitations and missed opportunities in your infrastructure with data management and analytics
  • Move to platforms and technologies that can accurately fulfill consumer expectations for personalisation and engagement
  • Unify a strategy for your marketing message and brand strategy
  • Shift to technology priorities that encourage innovation and change management so you stay competitive
  • Reinforce and strengthen customer loyalty to keep your customers coming back

Our experience: Ensuring business continuity during global disruption

Whether it’s due to a global disruption or part of a wider employee experience initiative, businesses across the world must rethink their approach to the workplace and embrace greater flexibility.


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Our consumer goods and services expertise

From Unilever to Treasury Wine Estates, some of the world’s leading consumer goods companies rely on our services to innovate, get to market faster and achieve business goals at lower cost. We offer a complete package of digital solutions, from Digital Marketing to Intelligent Automation and E-commerce.

We can help deliver your digital strategy to reach and engage customers and improve the productivity and performance of employees. We’ll show you new ways to operate that drive growth while controlling costs.

Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. By combining innovative Microsoft technologies with Accenture’s industry best practices in CG&S, we’ll help you create an agile business for the digital age.

Consumer goods manufacturers are becoming Future Ready. Now.

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Four steps manufacturers can take today to be ready for the future

Tom Nall shares some ideas to prepare your manufacturing company to resist and emerge as one of the winners during these challenging times.

Gain insight into consumer goods

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Automation in consumer goods

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Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

Next steps

Find out more about how we’re helping consumer goods and services organisations navigate their new reality.

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