Government and public sector bodies like yours are under immense pressure to deliver swift, seamless and ethical services to citizens. To increase citizen engagement and to enhance trust in government digital services, you to find innovative ways to overcome some familiar challenges. How do you work increase productivity with limited resources? How do you work efficiently given high-pressure timeframes? And how can you work around the complexity of legacy systems while also needing to demonstrate value to the public purse?

From virtualised citizen interaction and efficient regulatory processes to smart cities and beyond, now is the time to accelerate your digital-first services.

Build usable, robust government services

At Avanade, we understand the complexities of the public sector ecosystem. We have the expertise and capabilities to help you unleash the potential of Microsoft solutions to transform government and wider public sector processes and services.

With Avanade, you can:

  • Do more with data: Avanade builds value from your data, using AI, intelligent automation and workflow integration to provide improved insights that deliver valuable outcomes for government services and the citizens they support. Our Intelligent Automation Platform for government adds ‘virtual workers’ to take care of repetitive tasks. It also gives you the option of more advanced automation to further modernise processes and drive greater efficiencies. For example, through automated processing of prescriptions using data and analytics, or using AI to monitor specific wildlife species to ensure they are not adversely affected by development.
  • Deliver better experiences: Our deep digital expertise helps you supercharge ROI from Microsoft technologies and automate case management systems. With our business applications solutions, you’ll gain improved citizen experiences and financial processes. Avanade's own in-house experience team – Avanade Digital Studio – offers expert UX capabilities through its user- centric, design-led approach.
  • Boost collaboration Improve the employee experience, boost productivity, and enable secure, remote service capabilities to modernise citizen engagement with government departments. We’ll help you leverage the coherence and integration across Microsoft’s cloud services to deliver game-changing digital services.

Avanade's organisational change management, digital ethics and fraud prevention, and security services help drive transparency, integrity and trust. Our experience of cloud services is helping public sector organisations across the globe.

Why Avanade?

- 450+ clients worldwide
- 9,000 successful automations
- 200+ preconfigured services

The skills you need
- 15,000+ automation professionals
- 4,000+ robotics practitioners
- 500+ AI and machine learning specialists
- 3,500+ analytics professionals
- 1,000+ data engineers

Recognised Microsoft expertise
- Microsoft Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year for 11 years running and 15 times in total
- 19 Microsoft Gold Competencies, including Gold for Microsoft’s new security competency
- More Microsoft Certified Azure Professionals than any other partner

Case studies

Explore how we are helping organisations to reimagine public services

Right now, we are helping government and wider public sector bodies to modernise their workflows, boost employee productivity and improve their relationships with their citizens.

  • Find out how we helped the Saarland Police in Germany reduce time-consuming manual paperwork

    "Because of the automatic integration into the backend system, our police officers can avoid additional paperwork …The time savings generated by this solution directly result in more security for our citizens."
    - Minister Klaus Bouillon, Ministry of Interior, State of Saarland, Germany

  • Learn more about how we helped the Austrian Post supercharge customer relationships

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Next Steps

Find out how we can help empower your organisation and the citizens you serve to do more.

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