Innovative Life Sciences technology solutions

Our health and life sciences practice helps pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients redefine innovation to develop future focused business strategies. Life sciences technology companies are seeking ways to improve research and development, increase the efficiency of their operations, rationalise spending on sales and marketing and empower people to work at their highest levels of performance.

We help organisations realise their goals with the power of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to:

  • Accelerate new customer acquisition and retention by leveraging data, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, life sciences IT solutions and digital marketing.
  • Discover and develop new drugs and devices and bring them to market faster with data, AI, machine learning, and massive cloud computing power.
  • Enable agile and secure supply chains that can adapt quickly or altered when needed using predictive analytics, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain.
  • Empower field reps, and technicians to work at the top of their field with immersive technologies like Microsoft HoloLens and augmented reality that help customers maximise the use of their products and services.

“For the first time, we have one platform which serves all our internal and external needs. We call it the digital health cloud platform. And it offers all the Office 365 tools along with Azure services, because we don’t just want to collaborate with our employees worldwide; we also want to collaborate with our customers and our partners – with patients and their relatives. It’s a core part of our future strategy.”

Gerd Niehage Chief Information Officer, B. Braun Group

Explore innovative technologies for life sciences organisations


    Accelerate AI-driven innovation with high value uses cases

    Find the top life sciences use cases to help your organization quickly identify where AI can deliver the greatest value.


    Path to a resilient supply chain

    Life science companies are transforming distribution methods with next gen business applications.


    Creating a secure workplace in the life sciences ecosystem

    Building a zero-trust security model for a digital workplace.


    Metaverse: Closer than you think

    Find the ‘real value’ now in life sciences

    We bring global scale and expertise to life sciences digital transformation

    The Avanade/Accenture partnership serves health providers, health payors, life sciences and medical device organisations and health consumers across 20 countries worldwide.

    Partner with clients worldwide
    4,000+ clients since 2000
    46% of Global 500 companies are clients
    34% of Fortune 500 companies are clients
    90% of Fortune 500 life sciences companies

    Recognized for our Microsoft expertise
    Microsoft Global SI Partner of the Year, -18th time in row, 2023

    Additional Partner Awards

    Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing 2023
    Low Code Application Development, 2023
    Customer Experience, 2023
    Multiple Country and Industry Awards
    A global practice of advisory, technical and organisational change professionals 


    Avanade/Accenture services


    90% Fortune life sciences organisations


    Top 10 global pharmaceutical companies


    3 out of 6 largest bio tech companies

    Intelligent Manufacturing

    Rethink how you can rapidly manufacture needed equipment.


    Mixed reality changing the game for the industry.

    Gain faster, data insights for more personalised care

    How researchers, clinicians and developers use Healthcare on Azure today

    Driving value from immersive technologies

    Matt Hulbert discusses different types of immersive technologies to drive the most value.

    The increasing role of digital technology in cold-chain custody

    Rob Hazelton talks about the use of digital technologies to help cold chains and supply chains.

    Global life science supply chains in a post-pandemic world

    Tim Groulx discusses how global life sciences supply chains will apply digital tech moving forward.

    Global Pharmaceutical

    Avanade delivers Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and mobility management for seamless, secure collaboration.


    Avanade helps improve access to world-renowned medical resource.

    What matters to Kyowa Kirin is the commitment to life

    Avanade helps Kyowa Kirin deliver lifesaving care.

    Grupo Fleury takes its culture of excellence to the digital sphere

    Dynamics 365 is the back end of the entire service, used to record patient interactions at Grupo Fleury.


    Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

    Next steps

    Empower your people with the tools they need to enable world-class healthcare, all while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

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