Redefine your workplace as a driver of sustainable value

For many organizations, investing in the workplace is necessary to operate the company. It’s a cost center. However, an increasing number have realized that the workplace can become a driver of sustainable value. Research shows that “companies with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable.” 1

The challenge is to transform the workplace to give employees experiences that are at least as good as the ones they get as customers. To empower them with great technology, intelligent processes and streamlined operations.

1 “Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis Report,” Gallup, 2016

“Our digital workplace will reinvent productivity, enhance our customer experience, accelerate innovation and build a competitive advantage.”

Markus Petrak Corporate Director, Integrated Business Solutions, Henkel

There’s a new workplace experience (WX) value equation

Clearly, this is far more than just an IT issue. It’s a core business challenge for leaders across HR, operations and the business functions, working together with the CIO. It’s time to redefine the workplace experience (WX) value equation:

Instead of addressing transformation in silos, workplace experience brings together the key drivers in one, integrated discipline to create sustainable value.

Modernized platforms: IT and business leaders work together to design and deploy cost-efficient, highly responsive and secure evergreen workplace platforms to help your people work in new ways.

Reimagined culture and employee experience: Increase the productivity and engagement of your talent by creating enhanced employee experiences that have a direct impact on your customer experiences. Rewire your culture and ways of working to reflect the emerging future of work.

Optimized operations: Rewire your ways of working – using automation and AI – to drive sustainable growth, new sources of revenue and innovation, by putting workplace at the heart of your business evolution.


Thrive in the employee experience era

Generate competitive advantage with Avanade’s Workplace Experience framework and Microsoft Viva


Guide to Microsoft Teams

Find out how to deliver a great workplace experience with Microsoft Teams.


Enable effective remote working at speed with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is making Teams available to all organisations. Avanade is here to help.

End-to-end expertise to help you unlock workplace value

Our team is made up of experts in digital strategy and implementation, organizational culture, change enablement, workplace transformation, experience design and managed services. In addition, we’re well versed in technologies such as AI, analytics, automation and the Microsoft ecosystem.

The Avanade Modern Workplace team has delivered:

  • Cost efficient and responsive workplace platforms
  • EX=CX for increasing productivity and talent retention
  • Faster business growth and innovation
  • 1,800-plus workplace projects
  • More Microsoft Office 365 deployments than any other Microsoft partner
  • 8 million Windows upgrades
The employee experience of digital business transformation

MIT CISR research has shown that senior leaders expect that digital transformation efforts will significantly affect 67 percent of employees.

Skype for Business

Achieve more – collaborate in new innovative ways.

Workplace Experience

Empowered x Engaged = Unstoppable

Building business value with employee experience

Research from MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR).

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