WX Podchat — Episode 3: Improving wellbeing through technology and data

The pandemic has catapulted wellbeing on the top of the corporate agenda; but defining wellbeing and identifying what and how to improve it remains challenging. In this episode, Dr. Anthony Molisani, Group Manager, Advanced Analytics at Avanade explores how technology and data can be used to help understand the drivers and outcomes of wellbeing to define interventions that are meaningful for organisations and employees.

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Sophia Nacef Bio 

Sophia Nacef
Senior Consultant Modern Workplace advisory Avanade

Sophia has a dual focus: people and technology. She brings more than eight years’ experience in the Employe Experience field working in transformation programmes for large UK and global organisations.

Sophia enables digital transformation by maximising the use of data to inform strategic business decisions. She develops insights to identify pain points and opportunities to design meaningful experience roadmaps, rolling out interventions that land and that last. She’s placing engaging with stakeholders at the core for success by creating stories to take people onboard the change journey.

Sophia takes pride in designing solutions that deliver true business value and make a genuine human impact.


Featured Guest

Paul Beaumont Bio 

Dr. Anthony Molisani
Group Manager, Advanced Analytics Avanade

Anthony is the global lead for workplace experience analytics at Avanade. He is responsible for the methodological design and implementation of behavioural analytics and interventions including those using Viva Insights and Workplace Analytics as its primary data source.

As a PhD in social and behavioural science, Anthony’s perspective on research and analytics brings both a unique and academically grounded approach to data-informed workplace experience initiatives. He brings nearly 15 years of experience in programme evaluation, survey/measurement design and analysis, mixed-method research design, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Recently, Anthony developed, implemented, and analysed Avanade’s “Flexible Work Week” pilot initiative evaluation plan using a combination of psychometric and Insights data.

Prior to Avanade, Anthony’s areas of focus have included the behavioural patterns of scientific and academic research publication and use; cancer prevention and patient navigation; and organ transplantation. He has worked with organisations globally across government, academia, not-for-profit, and industry.


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