Brave new world of experiences

A year and a half ago, we started tracking a trend we call “experiences without boundaries.” Signals like “holoportation” demonstrations and cross-device gaming platforms gave us experiences that cross the physical-digital divide. They open up new ways of interacting and new business models, pushing us to rethink how we deliver experiences.

Then COVID-19 hit. The pandemic brought significant challenges that have accelerated technology adoption and changed how we interact with each other day to day. It has escalated our desire for experiences that help us connect with other humans. The question is: How can we fulfill these needs and desires using technology that delivers experiences across locations and devices?

Meet “ConnectedMe”

We foresee the creation of a new type of operating system, one that’s built not for any single technology ecosystem but built for and with people as the central nodes of their own ecosystem of experiences. An operating system that allows any experience to flow to any device – experiences without boundaries. It’s the next wave of future systems – a form of ambient computing, where anything and everything can be a connected device. We call it “ConnectedMe.”

Experiences without boundaries is the latest in the Avanade Trendlines series on emerging trends that impact the design, innovation and technology choices of large organisations.


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