It’s all about trust

We’re in times of massive continual change, environmental uncertainty and a proliferation of technology adoption, all during a pandemic. We’re approaching a critical inflection point with technology, industry and society that cuts across every business. Decisions in the coming few years will shape the next decade, and organisations will need to rethink how they can quickly adapt, put people first and grow sustainably. The question is no longer, “Do we have the technology?” but rather, “What’s the best technology for our people, customers and partners? What will they trust? And do our people and customers trust us?”

In our new Avanade Trendlines report, we explore five key trust-based systems:

  • Work systems
  • Natural resource systems
  • Infrastructure and data systems
  • Physical systems
  • AI systems

Where technology has the potential to disrupt
These systems are all undergoing significant shifts in both technologies and human behaviors. Trust is especially crucial within these systems because they’re where technology has the most potential to disrupt.

Next steps

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