What does it really mean to give a voice to your brand?

You want a new way for your customers or employees to interact with your company. Is it a chatbot? A virtual agent? An intelligent application or device? And a higher-level question: What does it really mean to give a voice to your brand?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, you’ve got company. The designers of conversational AI don’t have all the answers yet, either, and the technology is maturing. But our new report is a place for you to start or continue your journey.

A guide for your conversational AI journey

The report defines conversational AI and its key elements, identifies the latest developments, and highlights business, security and ethical issues that developers and organizations need to keep in mind when thinking about enabling conversational AI capabilities. It provides principles to guide you on your journey. Erlebnisse ohne Grenzen ist das neueste Thema in der &Avanade Trendlines -Reihe zu Trends, die sich auf Design, Innovation und Technologie in großen Unternehmen auswirken.

Der nächste Schritt

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie Sie Conversational AI gewinnbringend für Ihr Unternehmen einsetzen können.

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