Government and generative AI

Generative AI brings an opportunity for agencies to amp up their processing power to produce insights and information to help workers and citizens.

Generative AI puts governments in front of the change curve

Generative AI democratises AI. It makes innovation available to everyone, unlocking the potential of digital and human ingenuity together. With generative AI government agencies are now able to reimagine the future. But are you ready for AI?

As government and public service agencies prepare themselves for an AI-first world, our Avanade AI Readiness Report reveals several insights into how they are preparing and their priorities:

  1. Government agencies see improvements in efficiency as a primary use for generative AI.
  2. Governments see security and workplace platforms as a key requirement for investment.
  3. We asked public agencies, how they believe their citizens prefer to engage.

Government leaders on AI

Government leaders were asked what they considered to be the primary objectives and opportunities for AI. Process automation, and improved efficiency from manual, repetitive activities were identified as the key benefits of applying generative AI to their business.

These opportunities will primarily come through back-office automation. For example call centre agents who receive hundreds of email enquiries can use automation to move emails through the workflow. With generative AI, they can read, categorise and generate responses.

We also see improved efficiency around the citizen experience, by increasing the personalisation of public services, to tailor the service to individual citizen needs. Such as, natural language consultation between patients and their doctors, or using AI to analyse large amounts of data and optimise decision making.

Primary objective of AI strategy

Generative AI makes comparative analysis of diverse data sets something that can be easily achieved through natural language queries by any employee.

Security and workplace platforms are key investment requirement

The research identified digital platforms that would be a priority for investment to scale generative AI, including data and AI, workplace platforms, automation platforms and cloud modernisation.

61% of government respondents identified security and cyber resilience as their highest priority platform. This contrasts with the average across all industries of 53%.

For governments agencies, every conversation about modernisation has a security element to it. AI can be used to enable early fraud detection and rapid investigation of crime—with the ability to produce results in record time.

Digital Platforms

The top digital platforms government agencies see as a priority to scale their use of generative AI. Respondents were asked to select their top three.

Citizen Engagement

What are citizen preferences on engagement with agencies through emerging technologies?

Ready or not: generative AI is here

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New global research from Avanade explores the readiness of organisations to introduce, adopt and scale generative AI tools like Microsoft Copilot. 

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