Avanade leads in threat detection and security automation with Azure Sentinel

Business Situation

For Avanade, a Microsoft Partner Network member and software integrator, maintaining expertise on the Microsoft platform is in its DNA. Based in Seattle, Washington, we provide IT consulting and services on AI, business analytics, application services, digital transformation and security services to clients in 25 countries, including nearly half of the Fortune Global 500.

While committed to a cloud-first strategy, Avanade still used an on-premises security information and event management (SIEM) system for cybersecurity. When our licensing agreement for our SIEM provider approached an end, we decided to migrate to the cloud. We wanted to access integrated data, speed threat detection, and increase automation – while minimising infrastructure maintenance for our IT team.

“Using Azure Sentinel helps us move beyond managing our SIEM on-premises and instead focus on the value add that’s on top of it – how to do more interesting strategic work.”

Greg Petersen Senior Director, Security Technology and Operations Team, Avanade


Avanade chose to deploy Microsoft Azure Sentinel, one of the world’s first cloud-native SIEM systems, as well as Azure Security Center to help manage compliance according to Microsoft recommendations for security enhancement. Our IT team immediately started using 10 of the 25 out-of-the-box Azure Sentinel connectors, which provide real-time integration with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Cloud App Security and more. We also took advantage of ready-to-use dashboards and queries to help get started.


There are numerous benefits we have realised since we connected more of our data sources to our cloud-based SIEM system.

  • We are able to catch potential issues more quickly.
  • Our IT team spends less time on maintenance, updates and fixes and can now focus on other tasks.
  • We can share lessons learned and then model best practices for clients while also providing informed guidance.

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