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This global leader in credit information and information management services strives to help enterprises better manage risk and customer relationships. One particular solution – a tenant-screening tool – was designed to facilitate relationships between landlords and prospective renters. For landlords, the tool provides comprehensive credit and background checks; for tenants, it offers data privacy and online identity verification. For both, the tool delivers improved safety and security.

Yet, this financial company’s tool had design limitations that negatively impacted customers, including a non-intuitive and complex user experience, limited browser support and processes that required manual IT intervention.


The new web solution allows landlords and applicants to securely share information. The new screening tool leverages the Microsoft .NET framework and Service Oriented Architecture on top of a SQL Server relational database. The new solution interfaces with multiple external data sources through standardized Web Service APIs. This architecture allows for the expansion of services and business functions so that the company can easily extend the application’s capabilities into other industries. In addition, common business rules are centralized into a common code library while business rules specific to the rental industry are separated into services modules, allowing for increased extensibility and maintainability.


With Avanade’s help, the company has replaced its legacy system with a suite of integrated modern and scalable web applications for the tenant screening business unit. Both the enterprise and its customers are reaping the benefits of the new solution, including enhanced customer experiences, increased productivity of customer service representatives, improved employee satisfaction, improved security and the ability to drive revenue opportunities and market share growth.
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