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Business Challenge

​Due to the massive amounts of data that Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) handles on a daily basis, the organization was looking for a solution that could provide cleaner data, improved accuracy and control of transaction calculations, reduced operational costs, increased capacity, improved scalability and efficiency.

CAL was looking to improve customer service by increasing the organization’s capacity as well as enable self-service options to members and licensees. Another key requirement was a more flexible system that would enable rapid responses to new opportunities and eliminate many of the repetitive and manual tasks that often lead to human error. 

Being such a large, multi-faceted organization, CAL required a system that allowed the organization to really streamline its operations to ensure it was maximizing time and efforts. CAL CEO, Jim Alexander explained, “As the copyright industry changes, so too must we. And that meant adopting more automated processes and workflows, which were of course reliant upon a better system in place. With this in mind, we decided to review our existing legacy solution which had been in place for some 20 years, and we began looking around at other solutions available to us.”

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The Solution

CAL embarked on an internal initiative coined the “Business Systems Improvement Program” to drive improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of its administrative processes and technology systems. As part of that initiative, CAL selected Avanade to implement a CRM solution consisting of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to address member management, licensing allocations and payments, calculations and collections, usage data as well as works and rights. The solution offers an integrated approach to CRM that enhances customer interactions throughout the entire organization.

CAL needed a cost-effective solution that was flexible to allow them to focus attention on business-critical tasks. They selected Avanade because the company understood CAL’s business challenges and objectives and provided the best solution to simplify processes while enabling the organization to use the latest CRM tools to support members’ and licensees’ current and future needs.


CAL executives have been highly impressed with the support and results achieved with the Avanade installation which has been completed on time and on budget. Since commencing the relationship with Avanade, business processes which previously took weeks to complete, now take a matter of hours. As a result, CAL is left with more time and resources to focus on growing and developing its business.

The organization has improved its efficiency across the business by integrating automated workflows across departments, systems and approval controls. Since implementing the CRM solution, staff have a single view of members, licensees, works, usage, allocations and payments, which has reduced unnecessary repeats and manual tasks while simultaneously reducing human errors and improving performance.

By incorporating SharePoint technology into the deployed solution, CAL is now better equipped to share information with others, and manage documents from start to finish. This enables streamlining of business processes, and publishing of reports to assist with better business decisions, as well as reducing time spent on projects to improve overall efficiency. “Another of the many benefits of the solution is that Avanade powers productivity and collaboration across applications that our staff already know and use”, said Alexander. “For us, this meant massive savings in staff training, and got us started faster than we had anticipated”.

“In the case of an organization such as CAL, with volumes of data to process on a daily basis, it was of the utmost importance for them to be able to manage the extensive data generated by customer interactions. More important though, was that CAL remained efficient in their day to day operations”, said Jeyan Jeevaratnam, Country Manager at Avanade Australia. 

“Because of our expertise in the CRM space, we were able to provide them with the best possible solution to effectively manage their organization’s members, licensing, usage rights and payments.” 

Alexander concludes, “In working with Avanade, we have simultaneously improved our service delivery and achieved better results for our members and licensees alike. We see Avanade as a long term partner and look forward to achieving even greater results over the coming years.”

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