Energy company transforms field work to achieve faster processes, more informed decision-making

How it works

​A single, web-based portal consolidates content previously housed in multiple systems. The portal crunches and helps make meaning of data, offering graphic portrayals that let engineers model data in multiple ways. Using Microsoft Silverlight and SQL Server, among other tools, Avanade linked together numerous disparate systems and databases on the back-end and presents them under one virtual roof. The new portal has eliminated as much as 10 hours of work each week, freeing engineers to focus on higher-value priorities. Further, the portal provides a resource for seasoned engineers to capture and share their knowledge, equipping future generations to pick up steam rapidly.
Global energy company

Case Study: Global energy company transforms field work

Global energy company

Global energy provider wants to transform the way field engineers access and analyze critical information

Business Situation

Energy providers must monitor details around countless resources--millions of oil wells, vast gas reserves. For this provider, tracking these resources was becoming time consuming and costly. Field engineers needed to mine data from 15 different systems to get a good picture of a well's performance, or identify key trends and model future capabilities. Making an informed decision was an arduous task.

Avanade Added

A user-friendly portal, designed by Avanade, has dramatically transformed the way engineers do their jobs. The new portal provides a single access point to multiple data streams, while it also acts as a vehicle for knowledge transfer among engineers. The framework provided by Avanade is both repeatable and extendable. Once the engineer portal was in place, the company immediately began to see potential for the portal’s use across its globally dispersed organization and in other business units where employees face the same data-gathering challenges. Avanade’s solution is being extended to support other business units in North America, with the goal of rolling out the portal worldwide in 2014.

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