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Grupo Fleury focuses on medical diagnostics, including the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids and diagnostic imaging. The company's longevity is intimately linked to its constant quest for innovation, being the first laboratory in Latin America to transmit test results online and to use barcodes on collection tubes to ensure process safety. The company saw the possibility of increasing its level of service quality with a more robust CRM system and wanted to migrate from its old, on-premise platform to the cloud.

“The tool has added everything we were looking for and we are very pleased with the partnership. We have grown in how we deal with our everyday challenges, even amid a pandemic, and we continue to add more and more value for our patients with a tool that evolves in a very interesting way for our reality.”

Luiza Sarno Corporate IT Director, Grupo Fleury


The chosen solution was Microsoft Dynamics 365, which can meet the company’s needs while retaining its service philosophy. Dynamics 365 is a service that brings together smart business applications designed to deliver operational excellence for businesses and create engaging experiences for their customers. Dynamics 365 is the back end of the entire service, used to record patient interactions. Staff can take action based on the preferences of each patient.


New patients using Grupo Fleury’s services have already been added to the platform. Staff is well-equipped with information to perform their jobs, and the multichannel service has been a success. Patients can contact the company by the method of their choosing and staff can send documents to meet the patients’ needs.

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