LEWA engages global employees, digitises processes to drive efficiency

Business Situation

Innovative technologies are the core business of LEWA Group, a leading global manufacturer of pumps and fluid metering systems. Based in Germany, the company represents 14 subsidiaries and over 80 sales partners on all continents and has more than 1,100 employees. LEWA’s rapid, worldwide growth created the need for a modern, unified internal communication solution.

"We want to make LEWA feel like one big team, regardless of where employees work in the world.”

Moritz Pastow Project Manager of Digital Business Development, LEWA


LEWA worked with Avanade to help create an intranet that supports employees who collaborate internationally. The objectives were to improve the flow of information, ensure daily relevance, make the company more transparent, digitise processes and enable project management globally, based on Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory.

Avanade and LEWA leveraged a step-by-step process to deliver the solution – from conceptualising required features, to development, testing and a launch campaign.


After a series of crucial internal trainings and interactive awareness campaigns, nearly 80 percent of employees began using the intranet, every day. Key results include:

  • Improved processes: The intranet is being used to standardise and automate administrative processes
  • Increased employee engagement: There is now higher information transparency and active employee participation
  • Platform for innovation: Additional processes will be managed via the intranet, such as investment applications

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