MEMIC drives growth with new digital workplace experience

Business Situation

After a period of intense growth, MEMIC was straddled with a fragmented array of customer tracking solutions. The company needed a more reliable, centralised system to track leads through the sale cycle. MEMIC’s vision was to create a new Agency Lifecycle Management solution, one that would empower their sales agents and underwriters the tools of a modern digital workplace.



New digital workplace experience drives productivity and growth at MEMIC

“We intend to expand CRM’s reach beyond Underwriting, starting with the new Loss Control initiative with Avanade. Ultimately, our CRM solution will provide a central repository of information on agents and policyholders, fostering common understanding across our enterprise and enhancing our customer service efforts.”

Matthew J. Holbrook Vice President - Information Technology, MEMIC


Avanade orchestrated an Agency Lifecycle Management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM—deploying a centralised, automated solution tailored to meet MEMIC’s needs. The solution provides a change of pace for MEMIC’s agents and underwriters. With it, the users are given a “one stop shop” to create, track and manage their leads through to submission. For managers, the new solution offers customisable sales dashboards and automated reports, so they can get up to speed faster and make strategic decisions with far more confidence than ever before.


With the new Agency Lifecycle Management platform, MEMIC has made a significant step towards its vision of a more digital workplace, one that drives higher employee engagement, productivity and better customer insights. It has brought greater discipline to information capture and tracking leads through the system, which in turn is leading to better business insights.

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