New services for smart heating systems at Weishaupt aided by IoT technology

Business Situation

Weishaupt is one of the leading international companies for burners, heating and condensing systems, solar technology, heat pumps and building automation. With its new generation of gas condensing boilers, the heating specialist is expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) activities. The goal was to garner relevant information needed for further product development and to also provide service engineers with important insights. Customers can control their system via smartphone, tablet or a web browser and can authorise service technicians to assist them as needed. To help it implement the required cloud infrastructure that makes this service feature possible, Weishaupt chose Avanade.


The implementation progressed rapidly. The individual components were designed to be modular and updateable, so new functions could be added at any time. Weishaupt also wanted a uniform and easy-to-use interface on all devices. The mobile apps delivered are equipped with important functions that are frequently required for user guidance. Service technicians and experienced users can control the heating systems precisely via the web portal. They simply connect to the local network and activate the portal connection menu. The user can then register and setup the system in just a few steps. The Weishaupt Energy Management (WEM) portal was also created by Avanade using a modular platform specifically developed for IoT on the Microsoft Azure platform.


The WEM portal and the associated apps were launched, offering numerous service benefits:

  • Customers can access their heating systems from anywhere in the world
  • Engineers can better prepare for service calls in advance
  • The portal contributes to improving the functionality and utility value of the heating systems
  • Weishaupt can expand its products with intelligent service via the Smart Connection option

Thanks to the ultra-modern system technology and the ability for customers to adjust heating according to their needs, energy can be saved without sacrificing comfort.

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